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We are five entrepreneurs with successful projects and achievements behind us within several sectors: IT development and delivery, leadership, sales, marketing, communication, hospitals and health care, cleantech, renewables, sustainability, and human resources. Each of us has collected over 30 years of experience, 
and we complete each other through our different areas of know-how. Get in touch.



Dag Arild





We believe in compassionate connections, trust, and generosity. We believe that sincere human relations travel efficiently over cultural borders, linguistic barriers, and time zones. We also believe that increased efficiency, resulting in reduced operating costs, can be combined with a higher focus on human compassion. For individuals and in society. 


We have created a service concept, initially for the health sector, and are now developing a digital platform and app to enable better understanding of services and needs between two parties. We call them the Helper and the Helpee. Be it a nurse and a patient, a host and a guest or a renter and a tenant. 


We are based in Norway and Sweden and established the Norwegian company Ping4Help AS in 2021. Our ambition is to develop, test and commercialise our concept and product by using our own competences initially, and connect with top-of-the-line partners and resources along the line, in order to secure a successful launch and roll-out. We are focusing on two major market segments, but are basing the platform design to be suitable for many more.


We are in now progress with a second demo development. The feedback so far has been overwhelming, but we will hold our horses and test and re-develop until we are sure we can launch a complete, safe and stable product...


Thank you for your patience, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

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Page updated: 2023-02-16

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